Car rental terms and conditions

VAT and Local Taxes on Albania; Regular annual road taxes in Albania; Annual SGS control; Vehicle property tax; Permit to travel abroad for the vehicle; Vehicle insurance (third party liability insurance (TPL) insurance, vehicle insurance (CDW & TP: Collision Damage Protection and Burglary Protection) (surplus is detailed according to customer history, category of vehicle Vehicles, abroad or abroad, driver’s age, private or corporate customer, type of insurance coverage, etc.); unlimited miles inland for less than 30 days charter, snow chains (on request) – Are included in the rental rate.
Fees for tolls, bridges, tunnels, inside / abroad; International Motor Insurance – Green Card (covers the liability of the lessee for damages to other vehicles in case of collision abroad); Personal Injury Insurance (PAI) for Inland / / Abroad; Taxes by States (other than Albania); Ferry costs; Customs / Customs Fees; Parking charges / fines; Acceleration fines; Fines on the driver / vehicle inside or abroad during the rental period; – NOT INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL PRICE.
PERIODIC LICENSE / DANGER LICENSE: A minimum of 18 to 75 years is allowed (however there are limitations depending on the category, dimensions and models of cars). The driver and all additional drivers will need to provide a complete driving license in their name. An international license / authorization does not replace the requirement of a regular driving license. If you are using an international driving license / permit, a full driving license in the name of the main driver will still be mandatory to rent the vehicle. The passage and the return of the vehicle is carried out by a control report signed by both legal parties, which is attached to the rental agreement.
RENTAL WARRANTY STORE: During the collection of the vehicle, the tenant will have to leave a deposit according to the vehicle category. The following payment forms are accepted at the beginning of the rental to cover the deposit: bank transfer, cash or credit card: Mastercard, Visa (non-prepaid), American Express. Credit Cards must be in the name of the Principal Conductor. The guarantee deposit is used to cover any additional fees charged to the lessee caused by violations of the Terms and Conditions and the case of a list of exceptions to insurance. Otherwise it is returned at the end.
CANCELLATION OF MOST PREPARED BOOKINGS: Reservations can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. Reservations canceled within 48 hours of the beginning of the rental will be charged a fee of 3 days rent. There will be no refund or extra charge for reservations shorter than 3 days. In the event that the vehicle can not be removed due to lack of documentation or failure to provide a valid credit card, this will be considered as a cancellation within 48 hours, provided it is advisable at the time of collection. CANCELLATION OF DEPOSIT RESERVATIONS: Cancellations made more than 48 hours before the start of the rental will be charged a fee equal to the amount of the deposit. Reservations canceled within 48 hours of the beginning of the rental will be charged a fee of 3 days rent or the amount of the deposit, whichever is greater. There will be no refund or extra charge for reservations shorter than 3 days. If the vehicle can not be picked up due to lack of documentation or failure to provide a valid credit card and we are advised when picking up – this will be considered as a cancellation within 48 hours.
CHANGES: Reservations can be changed for free before the start of the rental. There are no refunds for unused days or hours if the vehicle is returned in advance on any rental.
NO SHOWS: A 100% cancellation fee will be charged if the landlord is not notified of cancellation prior to charter start. This includes when the vehicle can not be picked up due to insufficient documentation; Failure to provide sufficient funds to cover the amount of the deposit; And / or lack of collection of the car at the specified time / date.
SPECIAL NOTICE: No cancellation fees or no reservations for reservations via global booking platforms – in this case the terms and conditions of the global booking system are valid!
TPL covers 100% if the vehicle is damaged by a third party identified (must be certified by Police Report!)
If no third party is identified, CDW & TP insurance is applied (according to the agreed overlap interval) based on a proper assessment of the nature of the damage and cause, except for all the cases listed in the exclusion list Of vehicle insurance. For all claims relating to vehicle insurance, the landlord is solely responsible for answering. At the landlord’s meter, the lessee may decide to purchase additional covers to reduce or remove the excess of CDW & TP or to cover what the CDW & TP is not, such as the points outlined in the list of vehicle insurance exclusions.
All the interior of the cabin if you do not test (police report) of covered case outside as cause of damage inside!
All cases of fire (vehicle burned in part or completely) when the cause is from the cigarette, Lessee’s neglected acts!
All cases of damage caused by a drunk driver on the steering wheel if certified by Police Report!
All cases of damage caused by a driver in case of illegal effects of illegal substances if certified by Police Report!
All cases of damage caused by an unauthorized driver or driver with expired authorization!
All cases of damage caused by the Dealer’s will – example: the vehicle is thrown into a deep abyss and there is no sign to prove that the driver was inside the vehicle; It hangs downhill due to no parking brake use!
All cases of theft / loss of the vehicle by a high gear or if the landlord does not provide the original vehicle key!
All cases of damage caused by improper use / irresponsible / incorrect use by the Lessee!
All cases of damage caused by floods in public / private parking unrelated to a natural disaster!
All cases of missing / missing parts / equipment or damage (wheels, covers, tires, mirrors, spoilers, windscreen wipers, plate, antenna, spare wheel kit, jack-compressor) where there is no evidence of an accident by Police Report!
All cases of damage to the vehicle from harmful acts, strikes, stunts, wars, invasions, rebellions, mass violence, turmoil, terrorist acts, atomic explosions, radiation, intentional sabotage, chemical attacks, aggression, assassination attempts !
All cases of damage caused by an explosion of tires / drilling / failure when this has been declared / declared by Police Report!
All shipping / trailer charges, if the case is related to the wrong / irregular use of the vehicle or the defects of the tenant!
All cases of improper driving, improper use of the vehicle on inadequate roads, vehicle fleet passing rivers or flooded lakes or tunnels in conditions that do not meet vehicle specifications!
All / Any expenses (accommodation, alternative transportation, etc.) that occur in relation to the vehicle covered!
All / Any medical expenses or any cost to the driver or passengers victims over the covered vehicle!
All cases of collision where a third party collision is hidden or the lessor requires CDW instead of a TPL procedure – even though CDW coverage is granted at first, the lessee will be held liable to return the amount granted!
All cases of loss / theft of precious personal belongings within the vehicle, or any part of the equipment, ships / radio / / change CD / documents subject to a theft breaking windows or entering an unlocked vehicle!
All cases of damage / loss on a vehicle during the period of seizure / confiscation by law authorities due to the acts of the landlord!
All cases of internal parts / windscreens / broken / damaged objects / passengers improperly / not placed on board (objects or drivers / passengers traveling without safety belts or infants without child seats)!
The lessee agrees that, in the case of accidents or collisions with vehicles / objects / persons of a third party, the lessee undertakes to declare the event, call the police and not escape from the point of view of the event, considering that CDW / TP will cover this issue! The tenant must not take the trouble to save other parties involved (as this will worsen his insurance credit), nor be part of litigation or fight on the road – the tenant is bound to call the police and as in any case also call RENT ONE MACHINE!
(INTERNATIONAL POLICE: CALL 126 or 129 or contact the nearest police station)
The landlord provides a replacement vehicle free of charge at no cost when a vehicle is defective;
The landlord provides no replacement cost with a replacement vehicle only after submission of the police report (including vehicle documents) to the accident under these terms: free replacement vehicle for all cases where CDW coverage applies And TP / TPL; Secondary Vehicle Supplement for all cases where CDW and TP / TPL coverage is not applicable (if the lessor needs a second vehicle) – Damage to the leased vehicle continues until the rental period after repairing the vehicle Will be returned if you enter the rental period; Each replacement vehicle / second is subject to all the provisions of this contract, including a new warranty deposit for the replacement vehicle / second; The landlord covers repairs of damages / failures that are not caused by the tenant’s abuse;
The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel it has been harvested with. Babyseat (only on request) daily supplement: 3 Euro, Portable Navigator daily supplement: 10 Euro, Rechargeable SIM card cellular daily supplement: 5 Euro, Extra top extra luggage daily supplement: 10 EURO, Supplement: 10 Euro.
Answer the landlord for the arrangement of inspections, interventions and regular or extra services;
Use the vehicle responsibly; Responsibility for all passengers on board; Do not sublease the vehicle and do not trade it; Do not tow other vehicles or objects; Do not allow other unauthorized persons to use / drive this vehicle; Do not use the Vehicle beyond its total weight of shipping weight; Do not transport illegal materials; Do not transport improper materials on board; Do not place passengers or improper materials on board; Do not use the vehicle in hazardous conditions due to flood or ice; Do not violate the laws and road traffic codes in Albania; Do not eat or drink on board, do not circulate without a spare wheel; Do not circulate without anti-snow chains in cases / roads when this is mandatory; Do not drive off-road; Do not drive in wet clothes, do not eat / sleep at night in the car’s cabin;
Inform the police in case of accident, theft, damage and provide the landlord with an official copy of the police report or the official decision of the administrative court (in cases abroad when such procedure is legal);
Notify the landlord for any defects detected in the vehicle leased by the landlord, on site or immediately, otherwise delaying the vehicle’s notice or driving with yellow or red signals in the instrument group or with visible vibrations, noises, abnormalities may cause more damage and all Repairs to be charged to the Dealer;
Being held responsible and paying all damages for damage to the vehicle caused by poor quality / improper fuel;
Be responsible and pay all damages for any damage resulting from lack of / irresponsible / incorrect use of the vehicle, such as damage to the clutch / clutch disk (burned clutch), the Volant / pneumatic / circles / rims / claxon;
Pay all costs for: wheel balancing and wheel convergence; Tire / wheel repair (if repaired); Replacement of tires / wheels (tires: same size, wheel: size and identical brand) in all cases of damage (if no accident certified by the police);
Being held responsible and paying all taxes for any damage or loss of vehicle keys (according to the costs of the official supplier);
Pay all costs for the regeneration of the cabin – special anti-smoking wash (50 Euros), if Smoker, in return;
Be held liable and pay all fees for possible loss or damage to internal parts, interior accessories, spare parts for spare wheels, spare wheels, vehicle documents, vehicle plates, emergency kits, burns or holes on the seats;
Accept that in the country / abroad, the lessee covers with all its means all the costs incurred / caused by a substitute / second vehicle or road assistance by the Lessor; The replacement of the replacement vehicle or any roadside assistance by ONE RENT A CAR will require the estimated time of rotation due to the distance from Tirana to the breaking point of the vehicle in normal mode of operation; The Lessee assumes responsibility for organizing special needs of sick / latent / elderly passengers when traveling in case of breakage

Do not wash the paint / outer parts of the body with improper brushes / tools; Do not use improper oils / solvents in the interior.
Pay all liabilities arising from fines, interest on late payment and penalties, charged to vehicles in the use of the lessee;
Do not delay the return of the vehicle or extend the lease without notice and confirmation by the landlord;
Pay all fees, expenses, and liabilities for anything that is not covered by the vehicle insurance;
You pay the rental fee even if the driver of the rental driver is withdrawn, as freezing or rental periods are not granted. A RENT A CAR offers drivers on a negotiable basis if the lessee temporarily searches for the extra driver.
Do not undertake any modifications / replacements / repairs of any kind in the vehicle covered by this contract.
Accept that the Black Box / GPS data of the vehicle is considered evidence in case of accidents / fire / theft.
NOTE for Albanian citizens who can rent a car RENTAL or travel in it. Countries close to or accessible that can be visited, guided or crossed without visas:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYROM (Macedonia), Turkey, Israel, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, , Iceland, Latvia / Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland. The documentation required to travel with the rental vehicles in these countries: a valid new biometric passport for the driver and all passengers on board, valid vehicle documents such as the international vehicle traffic permit (offered by ONE RENT A CAR on request) , International driver’s license International Vehicle Vehicle Insurance – Green Card (to be purchased by the customer on any border before leaving Albania (or ask for / purchase it at ONE RENT A CAR) !, Hotel Reservation Document / Prepaid accommodation / correct address of guest in Visiting country, prepaid return ticket if you are traveling by sea or crafts, valid for stay abroad or travel time personal health insurance for the driver and all passengers aboard (To be purchased by the customer on any border before leaving Albania or a NEW AUTHOR OFFICE!) There may be exceptions They, new or temporary restrictions, fewer requirements or voids from different countries – A RENT A CAR recommends that all customers be informed before traveling to any foreign country by car.
WARNING: To visit or enter or pass / drive in / through any other country that is not included in the above Group requires a valid VISA for the driver and all passengers aboard if you are an Albanian citizen!

Reservations / Reservations: Depending on availability, the vehicle can be rented without prior reservation. A reservation is usually required. Direct bookings can also be made through global reservation platforms such as, (more platforms will include ONE RENT A CAR and will be presented in detail). Online bookings can be made via the direct request form on the ONE RENT A CAR web site, www.One Rent a In this case, applicants will be informed by the operators of ONE RENT A CAR regarding the economic offer and the availability of vehicles. Requests and reservations can also be made by telephone, mobile or fax, as well as by visiting our offices through direct communication.

Prices: The rent is variable and negotiable based on:
Vehicle category: Mini, Economy, Premium, Luxury, 4X4 or pick-up, hybrid, SUV, van, bicycle, minibus or other.
Itinerary: For higher mileage – longer distances or difficult roads / routes, higher prices may apply.
Seasons: during the high season (15 May – 15 September, 15 December – 15 January) prices are + 15% higher!

Age / driving experience for renting a ONE RENT A CAR fleet – age range from 18 to 75 years:
1. For ECONOMIC Vehicles – For 18 years.
2. For vehicles of the PREMIUM category – 20 years and 2 years of driving experience.
3. For vehicles of category 4X4 – For 25 years and 3 years of driving experience.
4. For LUXURY and SUV vehicles – For 30 years and 5 years of driving experience.
5. For vehicles of the MINIVAN VEHICLES category up to 8 + 1 seats – For 30 years and 7 years of driving experience.

Additional costs to the lessor for offenses / offenses:
1. The tenant pays a fine of 10 to 20 euros per hour of delay, up to the total value of the rent of the rented vehicle daily quoted above. In the case of more than 6 hours of delay, without notifying the landlord / owner (A RENTAL BY CAR), the tenant and the vehicle are declared Wanted.
2. The tenant pays a fine of 5 euros if the vehicle is returned dirty and not washed in and out.
3. The lessee shall pay a fine of EUR 1,3 per liter of fuel returned less than that which has been taken.
4. The lessee pays a fine of 0.3 to 1 EURO for each kilometer beyond the specified limit and default in the contract (by categories).
5. The tenant pays a 50 euro fine if it allows smoking in the vehicle or if NON RENT TO CAR warns there was smoke in the vehicle.
6. The tenant pays a fine of 40 euros if he does not provide evidence through receipts that the purchase of fuel was only to GULF, BOLV OIL, KASTRATI service stations.
7. The tenant pays 2% of the value of the rental price, as interest, for each day of delayed payment of damages or other fines / sanctions.
8. The tenant pays a fine of 130 euros if he loses the vehicle key and redeals 100% of the new code installation value, lock key, start key, remote commands, all purchased and assembled by vendors Authorized The vehicle manufacturer.

Vehicle return by the lessee: The operator or representative of ONE RENT A CAR carefully checks the vehicle from outside, inside, below, the engine, generic, technical and mechanical parts, any vehicle accessory, Spare tire, trunk, brakes, etc. Once the operator authorized by ONE RENT A CAR confirms that the vehicle has been returned correctly, the tenant will receive the full amount of the prepaid deposit (guarantee deposit). The vehicle should return under the same conditions as the lessee has received, with the exception of normal brake / tire wear.

Rentals with Chaufeur (DRIVEN RENTALS): This service consists of a common car hire, but with a driver. Rental could be by day, hour, or for a specified itinerary. Daily rental: Above the indicated price of the respective vehicle’s daily accommodation (see our prices), the driver will apply the following:
1. A fee of 25 Euro / day for 8 hours
2. A fee of 40 Euro / day for more than 8 hours
3. a fee of 65 euros a day if you spend the night out of Tirana
4. a 20% surcharge beyond the above mentioned rates for drivers with foreign communication skills.
Rental with itinerary: in this case, the rental price includes the driver’s fee and the fuel costs:
1. In Tirana, 30-50% of the rental price per day (no more than 20 km, up to 5 hours).
2. Up to 45 km from Tirana, 40 – 60% of the rental price per day. (Rinas, Durrës, Kruja, etc., Up to 5 hours).
3. Up to 100 km from Tirana, 50 – 70% of the rental price per day. (Shkodra, Fier, etc., Up to 5 hours).
4. More than 100 km from Tirana, 0.3 – 0.8 Euro / km, depending on the vehicle category (up to 6 hours).

Sending and receiving the vehicle at a particular address: For the sending and receipt of ONE RENT A CAR vehicle to the address requested by the customer, ONE RENT A CAR implements the following rates / tariffs:
1. Within Tirana, 5 – 10 Euros.
2. Up to 45 km from Tirana, 15 – 20 Euros.
3. Up to 100 km from Tirana, 30 euros.
4. Over 100 km from Tirana, 0.3 Euro / km.

Customer Data Protection: When signing the Service Agreement, the Customer is informed by the Lessee according to the provisions of the Albanian Law no. 9887 Dt. 10.03.2008 “For the Protection of Personal Data” and the Albanian Administrative Code that all of its personal data will be used exclusively for the purposes and the provisions of this Car Rental Agreement (CRA), according to law and full approval Of the Tenant Required to allow the use of this personal data. A RENT A CAR is responsible and regularly controlled by the responsible Albanian authorities.